cPanel is embedded within a page in WordPress using functions and API calls to WHM and WHMCS. In this regard, WordPress is the place users will log in with their school credentials, which will be checked against the single sign-on system, and then they are passed into the Dashboard that is embedding pages from both WHMCS and cPanel.

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WHMCS is the “Client Manager” that allows you to track what signup activity is happening on your Domain of One’s Own project.

You can find all WHMCS tutorials available here.

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WHM (which stands for WebHost Manager) and this is the cPanel software that you use for creating a shared web hosting server. WHM is where WHMCS creates those cPanel accounts that are associated with the various users at a school. It is where you can change storage quotas, checked the firewall for blocked IP addresses, manage Installatron settings, manage the email queue, and much more.

You can find all WHM Tutorials here.

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Server Status

Reclaim Hosting monitors and tracks the status of all servers, including your DoOO Server, at status.reclaimhosting.com.

To check the status of the State U server, click the link below and look for your school under the ‘Institutional Servers’ list.

Check Status of DoOO Server